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New York Jets: Rumblings on the Coordinator Front


Brian Costello has some interesting tidbits on both Jets coordinators.

First, Mike Pettine turning down a contract extension might not indicate much about the current state of the team.

Pettine actually turned down the extension in August, according to a source, and the main reason was money. Pettine may want to explore his options after the season and see if he can get more elsewhere.

It had been assumed this was a more recent event. It seemed like it was a sign Rex Ryan was safe since Pettine is his top lieutenant. We all know Rex's job was in no danger back in August, though, so the extension thing now provides zero insight into Rex's job security.

Costello is also hearing rumblings about Tony Sparano's lack of job security.

People around the league seem certain the Jets will part ways with offensive coordinator Tony Sparano after the season.

Raise your hand if you are surprised by that one. Given his lack of experience as a coordinator and how bad the offenses he oversaw as head coach of the Dolphins were, Sparano was always a highly questionable hire. He has done everything in his power to prove skeptics right in 2012. I don't really have a ton of faith in this team to make the tough calls, though, so I'll believe he's fired when I see it.