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Moving On

After watching Mark Sanchez chart plays on the sideline yesterday. The question that looms is... Where will Mark be playing football in 2013?

Jeff Zelevansky

After last Monday’s five turnover performance and the announcement that Greg McElroy would start Sunday’s game against San Diego, there is no doubt the Jets will look to move Mark Sanchez in the off season.

Moving on from Mark Sanchez will be one of the easiest decisions the organization has had to make in recent memory. Sanchez’s dismal play the past two years has earned him a one way ticket out of Gotham. The organization, coaches, and fans-- have had all they can stomach of the once ordained, "franchise quarterback." Which leads to the bigger questions needed to be answered by the Jets at seasons end?

Where will Mark Sanchez’s one way destination be? What city, if any, would want/have him?

Having played so bad throughout much of the past two seasons, there will be no Peyton Manning-esk tour around the country, interviewing with the highest bidder, for Sanchez. The Jets have made it clear that they are ready to move on and sadly there might not be any interest in Marks services.

The Jets have two options this off season in regards to moving Sanchez. They can find a team willing to make a trade, although not many teams will be inclined to take on Mark’s contract, a contract that guarantees him 8.25 million in 2013, or the Jets can trade/cut Mark and agree to pay the bulk, if not, the entirety of the guaranteed money. Option one in all likelihood is out of the question. No NFL team will be looking to give 8 million dollars to a quarterback that has a career completion percentage just over fifty percent.

The fact of the matter is-- the Jets will be taking most of the financial hit on Sanchez next year. Some feel that the Jets should keep Sanchez if they have to pay him. Make him the back-up or significantly limit his role.

Keeping Sanchez on the team leaves a lingering Pandora’s Box. If the next Jets quarterback struggles, it gives the press free reigns for Sanchez related questions and a continuation of the circus endured this season. The best thing for the Jets to do at this point is part ways with Mark. Both sides have surely had enough of each other. The saying "out of sight, out of mind" certainly applies in this situation.

One thing is for certain. Mark Sanchez has seen his last days as the Jets starting quarterback. Where he ends up at this point, is anyone’s guess.

Any Guesses???