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Tim Tebow Asked Out of Wildcat Package

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow apparently asked Rex Ryan to be taken off the Wildcat package because he was upset Greg McElroy got to start instead of him.

Source confirms ESPN report that Tim Tebow asked coaches not to play him in Wildcat today because he was unhappy that he was No. 3 QB

About a year ago, Santonio Holmes quit on the team and was justly criticized for doing so. I doubt Tebow will be criticized in the same way, but he deserves it because this act is similar. People will talk about how he was treated "unfairly."

Tebow's sense of entitlement is tiresome. He doesn't have a birthright to see a certain amount of snaps. Frankly, it's unheard of that a second string quarterback is given a package. Nobody owed him the starting job. By many accounts, he didn't show enough in practice to make anybody believe he deserved playing time, player or coach. He showed today that he isn't willing to check his ego at the door and do anything to help the team. And the kicker is the Jets did more with the Wildcat with him on the sideline than they ever did with him running it.