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The Airing of Grievances

December 23 is Festivus, a holiday created by Frank Costanza who realized there must be a better way after buying a doll for his son George led to him getting to a fight. Every year on GGN, we celebrate Festivus by taking part in one of the holiday's most sacred tradition, the Airing of Grievances. During the Airing of Grievances, you tell your loved ones all the ways they have disappointed you in the past year. Given the state of the team, it takes on a special significance this year.

Pull up a chair, gather around the aluminum pole, and listen to Gang Green Nation's fifth annual Airing of Grievances.

Woody Johnson: Everybody else who will be named in this event is employed by this organization because of you. That means you are more responsible than anybody else for the mess this team is. You poke your fan base by saying things like, "You can never have too much Tebow." You said there were ventures more important than the success of your team. Regardless of the merit, it's tone deaf to say something like that at the very moment when fans are questioning your commitment to the team and angry with how it is being run. Shame on you.

Mike Tannenbaum: I could go on all night with you. You have sign undeserving players to terrible contracts. You totally blew three straight Drafts. You made moves that made a splash but didn't improve the team. You deny problems like Wayne Hunter at right tackle. You hold nonsensical press conferences declaring Caleb Schlauderaff, Patrick Turner, and Josh Baker the future of the team. You assembled one of the least talented rosters in the league, especially on offense. Worst of all, you put yourself before the well-being of the team. You gave Mark Sanchez a terrible contract extension, putting the long-term health of the franchise in danger, to create short term salary cap relief in a desperate attempt to save your job. Shame on you as well.

Rex Ryan: This team has been blown out five times.That is on you. So is the way you play favorites, keeping washed up players like Calvin Pace in the lineup at the expense of young talent like Quinton Coples. You refuse to discipline people who act up. You stayed loyal to Mark Sanchez until he sunk the season. You act like the offense isn't your responsibility. These things need to change.

Tony Sparano: Your playcalling makes no sense. Your playbook is one of the worst designed I've ever seen. I can't count the number of times I've seen two receivers in the same area on important plays. You are supposed to be an offensive line guru, but the offensive line has not been a strength. Oh, and your Wildcat stinks, Mr. Wildcat.

Dave DeGuglielmo: It's one thing to be obnoxious. It's another to be bad at your job. You are both. You shot your mouth off about how you were going to fix Wayne Hunter. You failed. The offensive line has not been a strength.

Matt Cavanaugh: When was the last time anybody you coached ended up being good? Oh yeah, never.

Mike Westhoff: I feel badly that you're going out on such a poor note.

Mark Sanchez: You were put into a dream situation. You were put on a team in New York. That team had plenty of talent. Your job was simple, not turn it over. You had plenty of time to learn and grow. You did not do it. You stare down receiver. You pull the trigger too slowly. You do not throw an accurate ball. You still do not know how to read a defense. You still leave the ball exposed. Your coaching might not be great, but ultimately you are most responsible for these things.

Tim Tebow: Some might feel bad for you. Nobody seems to blame you for the Wildcat's failure, but Jeremy Kerley ran it more effectively today than you ever did. You don't escape blame for the bust it has been.

Shonn Greene: You've been very good the last few weeks. Why did it take you so long to learn to run through contact, not to contact? Why can't you always show decent burst? Why can't you read blocks?

Jeremy Kerley: You don't have to fair catch every single punt.

Santonio Holmes: I have seen a lot of players get hurt seriously. I have only seen one throw the ball directly to the other team after it happened.

Vladimir Ducasse: The fact that your play is currently seen as a big improvement speaks volumes about how unproductive you have been in your career.

Calvin Pace: It isn't your fault. If somebody wanted to pay me way too much money, I would take it. You are just old and no longer productive. Again, It isn't your fault.

Bart Scott: Your "CAN'T WAIT" interview was your last highlight with the team. Your play is in steep decline, and you've taken to attacking the media and the fans. The only thing more tired than your act is the way you look on the field these days.

David Harris: I'm not saying your play declined because you got a big contract extension, but I am saying your play has declined ever since you got that big contract extension.

LaRon Landry: I don't like the bad penalties you take from time to time.

Kyle Wilson: I think you're a decent corner. I don't think you're good enough to use the Mutombo finger wag whenever a quarterback misses a throw to an open receiver you should be covering.

Add your grievances below.