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Greg McElroy Will Start for New York Jets Week 17 Against Buffalo Bills


In his postgame press conference, Rex Ryan confirmed Greg McElroy will remain the starting quarterback next week at Buffalo.

I agree with this decision. McElroy's first career start today was hardly a thing of beauty. It's not like any of the other options are any better, though. Tim Tebow does not fit into this team's plans in the future, and Rex cannot go back to Mark Sanchez after how badly he has played this year. McElroy is still something of an unknown. The Jets might as well see how he bounces back after a bad outing.

I thought there were some things the Jets could build on with Greg. He didn't give the game away. The plan was for him to not lose the game. His mistakes came when they fell behind, and he had to start forcing things. It doesn't look like he has the arm strength to start in this league, but maybe he can learn to do enough to stick as a backup.

After today, I still think he's the best quarterback on the team.