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San Diego Chargers at New York Jets Second Half Thread

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets took a 14-10 lead to the locker room after their first watchable first half performance since before Thanksgiving. The only real blemish was a punt return for a touchdown San Diego got after the Jets' first series with the ball. The defense has been stout, surrendering under 80 total yards. The run game has been solid. Tony Sparano emptied the playbook with some trickeration to set up scores.

Greg McElroy? He's been ok. It doesn't look like he has much of an arm. It hasn't looked pretty when he has looked to push it down the field. His slow trigger has been partially to blame for five Chargers first half sacks. At the same time, McElroy seems to understand his limitations. He isn't forcing balls. He's taking what the defense is giving him and only throwing passes he knows are safe. The result? The offense doesn't look dynamic, but it isn't giving away the game. With the defense the Jets have, that might be enough. It is what the Jets needed out of Mark Sanchez the last few weeks and did not get.

Leave your second half thoughts below.