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Greg McElroy must be judged on his own time scale!

As the Jets look to breath life into a team that has been drowning all season, we must keep McElroy's performance in context.


I haven't looked forward to a Jets game quite as much as this one all season. I think from the very start we could see we were going to struggle this year, with Sanchez at the helm we were never going to beat the elite teams in the league. Without the elite quarterback you can have no other weaknesses in your team, unfortunately we have too many at too many positions.

I was talking to Scott some time ago and he asked where I thought we would be at the end of the season, I think this may have been about two months ago, I said I thought we would finish 6-10 or 7-9 if we got lucky. So why does this game hold so much interest and more importantly why should you be interested? quite simply for Greg McElroy. Sanchez has held us back, I'm not saying Greg is going to be better but it's preferable to see what you have in an unknown than see the same mistakes of a limited Quarterback.

My worry is that if Greg shows some growing pains early, the boo birds will be back out in force. We can't judge McElroy to the standard we expected of Sanchez this season. We expected or hoped, that Sanchez would take that next step and we demanded that he improve in his 4th season as a full time starter - that's a completely acceptable demand of a Quarterback commanding elite money. However now we need to wipe the expectation slate and go back to the drawing board.

This is a 7th round selection starting his first NFL game, not only do we need to scale back the expectation - we need to appreciate anything that Greg can give us. Personally I think he'll make a few mistakes but still drive us to the win. His arm strength is a lot better than I thought it was, his footwork was decent - we rolled him out of the pocket a lot against Arizona and I expect to see more of the same against the Chargers. Let him throw the ball and see what we have, we simply have nothing to lose.

I like Greg as a QB, he was extremely smart with the football at Alabama (as well as in the classroom, 3.85 GPA) and he has made improvements from what I saw at Alabama and the limited action against Arizona. Jets football is exciting again and I can't wait for the kick-off this evening.