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A (somewhat familiar face) in a Different Place

A look at one former Jet who is now currently behind enemy lines playing for the Chargers of San Diego. Nick Novak spent the 2011 preseason on the Jets roster.

Doug Pensinger

Looking for a player who was with the Jets and now with San Diego wasn't too hard this time. Honestly though, he had the baseball equivalent of a cup of coffee with the Jets. And it was during the preseason. So with that I introduce former friend and current enemy Nick Novak!

Who you might ask? Well then let me explain his history with the Jets. He was signed prior to the 2011 season to try to battle for the starting kicker role with the Jets. He was battling incumbent and local FOLK HERO Nick Folk. Needless to say he lost. Going into camp it was possibly the most interesting camp battle along with punter, and one that wasn't fully solved until most of the cuts had been made.

Possibly his greatest moment as a Jet came not on the game field but on the practice field: He made 19 straight field goals according to Mike Westhoff. 19! He added a few field goals in the preseason but I cannot find the exact figures.

After the Jets and an injury to the Chargers kicker in 2011 he found himself wearing a lightning bolt on his helmet.

That's about all I got for the story of Nick Novak.

However! After some research into the SD coaches, there seems to be a connection:

Jason Michael coached for the Jets during 2006 and 2007 according to his biography from the Chargers website.

In 2006 he was a quality control coach/ QB coach for the Jets. That year the Jets under Chad Pennington's twice surgically repaired shoulder took the Jets to the playoffs. Also that was the year they drafted Kellen Clemens. In 2007 he switched to coaching tight ends. The Jets who went 4-12 had Chris Baker as a TE who caught 3 TD's and got 400 yards plus of receiving.

So once again, a somewhat familiar face in a different place.

Side note: One Jet has a pretty big connection to SD. His name is Cromartie, who has been a seen a renaissance since the Jets traded for him back in 2010. A former first round pick of the Chargers, he became out of favor after a rather rough season in 2009. Perhaps the biggest reason was his inability to make a play on the Shonn Greene TD in the playoffs during 2009.

If you guys find any more connections let me know!