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New York Jets General Manager Candidate: Mike Maccagnan

Mike Maccagnan has been Director of College Scouting for the Houston Texans since 2011. Although his time with the Texans has been short, Houston has been arguably the best drafting team in the league during that time, making him a hot general manager candidate.

The first pick Houston made in his tenure was J.J. Watt. That one went pretty well. The Texans have built one of the the deepest and most talented rosters in the league, and it's been through the Draft in no small part. They have been pretty good at finding talent in the late rounds. A rookie quarterback they found in the fifth round stepped in and played good football last year, allowing them to make it to the final eight.

Before he took his current job, he worked in various scouting roles in the league since 1995, mainly as a pro scout.

The skills he has don't always translate. It's one thing to be giving advice. It's another to have to make the final call and figure out how to build a team while balancing the long-term salary cap situation. Mccagnan has shown great aptitude, however, for surrounding himself with quality people and overseeing the operation. I think he merits consideration.

What do you think?