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New York Jets: Mike Pettine Turns Down Contract Extension


Manish Mehta reports Mike Pettine has turned down a contract extension offer from the Jets to keep him defensive coordinator.

The Jets may losing one of the key cogs that helped them find so much defensive success in recent years. The Daily News has learned that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has turned down a contract extension that would keep him with the team beyond this season.

The fact the Jets offered Pettine an extension indicates one of two things. It might mean Rex Ryan is returning so they want to get his most trusted deputy locked up. It could also mean the Jets would make a change and force a defensive coordinator on a new coach. The second scenario would be ridiculous since a coach needs to be able to pick his own staff, but I wouldn't put much past this team at this point.

Pettine is a very good coordinator. He was the catalyst behind some of the most important strategic defensive moves of the Ryan Era. He would be missed if he left. He figures to be one of the hottest free agent coordinators if he does hit the market.

Mehta also notes something interesting in his article:

Pettine admitted to reporters on Thursday that a few of his defensive players have expressed frustrations about feeling the need to pitch a shutout each week due to the team’s offensive struggles this season.

He should have kept that quiet, but I think everybody suspected that.