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Series History: Jets Vs Chargers.

The Jets and Chargers rivalry dates back to 1960 when they both were AFL members. They have had some real fun games in the last decade. Without further ado: let's take a look.

Nick Laham

2011 WEEK 7 HOME WIN 27-21: The Jets moved to 4-3 record and Chargers team that continued to struggle in the first half of the 2011 season. The Jets picked off Philip Rivers twice and Plax had a huge game for the Jets with 3 TD's from Sanchez.

NOTABLES: Sanchez 18-33 with 3 TD and 1 INT. Greene had 117 total yards during the game.

QOTGT: (Quote of the Game Thread) : so our offense is losing to itself 7-3.

2009-10 PLAYOFFS?! PLAYOFFS! WIN! AWAY 17-14: The Jets continued to beat the favored Chargers in San Diego in the playoffs. The biggest play of the game by far was Shonn Greene waving good bye to then enemy and current 2nd best receiver Antonio Cromartie as he scampered almost untouched for a backbreaking TD. The Chargers added a late touchdown but the Jets held on to win the game and go to Indy.

NOTABLES: Greene with his 53 yard TD ended up with over 120 yards of rushing. Sanchez added 100 yards through the air with 1TD and 1INT.

QOTGT: Kyle Wilson from Boise State is another guy I like a lot and he may fall to the end of the first round. Remember, we got Revis at something like 22. With no real glaring need, we can pick for luxury (Funny how these things we say off hand turn out true)

2008 WEEK 3 AWAY LOSS 48-29: The Brett Favre led Jets lost a game that wasn't that close after halftime. The Chargers went on a 21-0 run in the second quarter after leading 17-14. Jets also didn't help themselves with 4 turnovers including 2 picks from the gunslinger from Green Bay.


Cro had a pick 6 but for the guys in blue. Kellen Clemens managed to complete 4 passes out of 5. Unfortunately one was to the other team.

QOTGT: Funny there was only one comment from the game thread. And it didn't have anything worthy of being noted.

2005 WEEK 9 HOME LOSS: 26-31: This game was an ugly one despite the score. Testeverde, who came of the couch had to be benched for Brooks Bollinger. That lit the fire under the Herm Edwards led Jets, who came back to nearly tie win it. The last drive was a microcosm of 2005 season of injuries and false hopes: Wayne Chrebet played his last game as a Jet after suffering another concussion while making a ridiculous catch along the sideline. The Jets would have the ball inside the 5 on the last drive and fail with 3 fades in the end zone (one which could have been DPI) and one slam up the middle that went no where.

Notables: Wayne Chrebet's last game in the NFL. IIRC it was a first down and the crowd knew it was a concussion. What we didn't know was that we'd never see him play again. I for one, got lucky and saw the game at the old Meadowlands.

2004-05 PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS! AWAY WIN! 20-17: Possibly the most play to not lose the playoff game ever recorded. The Jets gave up a ten point lead in the 4th Quarter (going somewhat conservative, but not full Herm Edwards mode), and almost managed to lose the game in OT but Nate Kaeding whiffed. Doug Brien who would be vilified the next week had the game winner for the Jets. Still, Herm didn't learn his lesson opting for the FG try only minutes after watching SD blow their chance to win the game. We saw this repeated the next week but with disastrous results.