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Michael Vick to Jets Rumor: Idle Speculation


Much is being made of this article by Manish Mehta that implies Michael Vick coming to the Jets is a serious possibility. I just want to take a minute to put what this article says in the proper context. It makes three points.

The first is the Jets are going to try and trade Mark Sanchez. That's not earth-shattering news. Anybody would assume the Jets are going to try and get rid of a terrible contract. The problem is finding a taker. Just on performance alone, there aren't many teams that would be interested in Sanchez. Add in a horrible contract, and you can see why it is going to be tough to find another quarterback in 2013.

Second, Manish says Vick is amenable to coming to the Jets. No kidding. Vick is going to be looking for a job soon, and he's radioactive to a large portion of the league for various reasons. He's going to be interested in any team that has interest in him.

Third, Manish hints that the Jets are going to be very interested but puts little meat on the bones. All he has is one "source" saying "Bring it on," and another claiming Rex Ryan likes Vick. That's not exactly an indication of the team going all in. Some guy thinks Rex is a Vick fan. That doesn't mean the Jets are going to get him. Rex doesn't have the final say over personnel decisions. Rex liking a player isn't an indication he's going to demand the team go after him. Rex might not even be the coach of this team next year.

Manish got a nice headline, but there's not much fire behind this smoke. I could see the Jets making a play for Vick, but I don't see much in this article that says this is happening.