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Jets vs. Chargers: One Final Indictment of the New York Jets Offensive Coaches Coming?


We have seen the Jets' coaches don't do a good job game planning. They don't make smart play calls within the flow of the game. Getting the calls in is a huge issue. Adjustments don't exist. There's really only one thing missing, poor assessment of talent. The way the running back situation was mishandled all year is an indication this probably exists. An even more glaring indictment might be coming Sunday. We will start to find out how badly they mishandled the quarterback situation.

All year, we heard that Mark Sanchez gave this team the best chance to win. Somehow that changed last week. Sanchez didn't suddenly get bad against the Titans. He played the way he's played all year.

McElroy doesn't need to light the world on fire against the Chargers to make the coaching staff look bad. He can do that by playing mistake-free football. If the Jets rely on the running game and defense against San Diego and grind out a win, a legitimate question will be asked. Why didn't the Jets do that more this season?

This was never going to be a high flying passing team. This was not going to be a team contending for a top seed. It was always going to be a team contending for a Wild Card. It was a team that needed to rely on the run game, defense, and a quarterback who above everything avoided the killer mistake. If Greg clears that low bar, it is another indication of how bad the coaching is on the offensive side of the ball that they could not see these things.