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Week 16 NFL Picks

The picks for this week.


Atlanta over Detroit

It seems like the Lions have gotten a roll of stamps and mailed the rest of their season in. They couldn't even get up enough to beat the Cardinals last week.

Carolina over Oakland

Carolina is finishing the year so hot that I fully expect them to be the sleeper next preseason for the second straight year.

Miami over Buffalo

The Bills seem to be in their annual end of season swoon.

Steelers over Bengals

You can't like the way the Steelers have played the last two weeks, but I think they'll rally at home.

New England over Jacksonville

This one is probably going to be ugly. The Pats are angry with the way they played last week and ready to take it out on the hopeless Jaguars.

Indianapolis over Kansas City

This game has more upset potential than people think. Young teams like the Colts can tighten up feeling pressure this time of year. I can't pick a team that just lost to the Raiders, though.

Dallas over New Orleans

It seems like the Cowboys are finally growing up and delivering when they need a win.

Washington over Philadelphia

The Andy Reid Farewell Tour nears its end.

St. Louis over Tampa Bay

Both teams got blown out last week, but it was a bad week for St. Louis while it was part of a bigger collapse for Tampa Bay.

NY Jets over San Diego

I think Greg McElroy plays an efficient, mistake-free game, the Jets control the ball on the ground, and the defense turns Philip Rivers over.

Green Bay over Tennessee

Unlike the Jets, the Packers can take advantage when the Titans try and hand them a game.

Houston over Minnesota

I think in a road game like this, Christian Ponder is going to have to make some plays for Minnesota to win. I don't think that is going to happen.

Denver over Cleveland

I don't think Brandon Weeden is at a point in his career where he's going to trade touchdowns with Peyton Manning.

Chicago over Arizona

The Cardinals got their win last week. They're too inconsistent to have two straight big performances.

NY Giants over Baltimore

I'm really worried about the Giants after last week, but the Ravens are in the middle of a complete collapse.

San Francisco over Seattle

After last week, the Niners should be favored in every game until they lose.