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Long Live the McElroy Era

Jets beat Arizona to go 5-7.


The Jets kept their slight Playoff hopes on life support today with a 7-6 win over Arizona. Gang Green is now 5-7.

It is going to be easy to overreact to Greg McElroy's performance today. Nobody can say what it means. I remember Brooks Bollinger coming off the bench to give this team a much bigger spark in a game against San Diego in 2005 only to throw five interceptions the next week in Charlotte. McElroy was a vast improvement over Sanchez in that he didn't do anything dumb with the ball. McElroy did a few things to beat a bad team. Let's not make this more than it is.

But it seemed clear to me that the Jets played with more intensity on both sides of the ball once McElroy started warming up. Maybe it was because the players finally saw that you can be benched for bad play, and it lit a fire under them. Maybe it was because these players do not believe in Mark Sanchez and were fired up that they had a quarterback who would not give the game away. Only time will tell this and how much of a solution McElroy is. It was a long overdue move that was probably too little, too late, but it is good to see this team finally make the right move. So much for that whole Sanchez gives the team the best chance to win thing.

For now, we can enjoy this win and feel happy that Greg McElroy has a moment in the sun. He will be the toast of the town for a week, and nobody will ever be able to take this win and his touchdown pass away from him. It will be fun to dream of what Greg might eventually become. For what it is worth, I he showed more arm strength than I thought he had, and that was my biggest point of skepticism on him.

Celebrate below. I will try and have the official recap up before the Sunday night game.