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Tim Tebow Decides to Make a Distraction Out of Himself

Andy Lyons

Since the season is over, Tim Tebow apparently doesn't care about creating a media frenzy.

Tim Tebow on wanting to be back next season with Jets. "I'll just wait until after the season to look at things like that."

— Bob Glauber (@BobGlauber) December 19, 2012

That's a terrible answer. He's under contract for next year. By answering the question that way, he's created an unnecessary distraction for this team because of his ego. The season might be over, but there's zero reason for him to have people leaking to the media that he's going to ask for a trade and then throwing gasoline on the fire by answering the question and not denying it. It's just petty.

I don't get the sense of entitlement and outrage over Tebow not getting to start. Nobody is guaranteed a chance to see playing time in the NFL. It's up to the coaches. Sometimes coaches blow evaluations. Tebow isn't the first player who probably should be seeing more playing time. Did we ever hear guys like Demario Davis, Joe McKnight, or Bilal Powell who should have seen more playing time earlier in the year leaking demands for a trade? Tebow came to New York knowing Mark Sanchez was the starting quarterback. He had dreams of knocking Sanchez off, winning games, and becoming a folk hero. It hasn't worked out. Too bad. It's not like there were teams in the league willing to beat the Jets' offer to Denver and promise Tebow a starting job. And for all of the talk about the Wildcat, Tebow has been a very ineffective pointman. He gets off way easy for the way the system has failed. Plus there are all the report of how bad he is in practice. That plays into how coaches make their decisions.

I think Tebow's a good guy, but he's handling this situation poorly partly because he'll never get called on it. If Santonio Holmes ever said something like this, we would never hear the end of how awful he is.