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Tim Tebow to Ask for Trade

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Mehta reports Tim Tebow will ask for a trade or his release.

Next domino in Jets QB situation: Tim Tebow will request to be traded/released after season assuming McElroy starts last 2 games, per source

All signs are Tebow was on track to get his wish anyway. Trading for Tebow in the offseason didn't make a ton of sense at the time outside of the publicity, and the way the Jets have used him makes it clear it was indeed simply a publicity stunt. It's probably best for both sides that this marriage ends.

I don't begrudge Tebow. He wants a place where he will have a chance to play, and that will not be New York. He had visions of beating out Mark Sanchez and then becoming the toast of New York. It never happened.

Tebow has no legitimate gripe for not getting the start, though. McElroy deserves the chance to start because Greg won this team a game. Tebow hasn't.