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Greg McElroy to Start at Quarterback Against San Diego Chargers


Edit: The Jets have confirmed it.

Manish Mehta reports Greg McElroy will get the nod for the Jets against San Diego this Sunday.

I'm told that Greg McElroy will start at QB for Jets on Sunday

This news is two weeks too late. McElroy earned the job by coming off the bench to beat the Cardinals. He certainly didn't give the Jets any less of a chance to win than Mark Sanchez the last two weeks. There's plenty of reason to believe the Jets might be playing for something had McElroy been the starter.

With nothing to play for other than pride, this is the right move. It is pretty obvious that Tim Tebow is not part of this team's long term plans. Mark Sanchez deserves a seat on the bench. The Jets might as well begin to get an idea as to what they have in McElroy. We might find out he's not any sort of an answer, or he might play well enough to earn a look as a possible number two or even a chance to compete for the starting job next year.