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Change Coming at Quarterback?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Mehta indicates the Jets will have a new starting quarterback this Sunday.

Prominent member of Jets organization tells me there's "no way" that Mark Sanchez should start vs Chargers.

This is too little, too late. It shouldn't have taken until the season was over to make a change to somebody who might be able to spark the team. After the team is eliminated from the Playoffs is too late to start holding people accountable for poor play. While necessary, this took too long to happen and is a red mark against Rex Ryan. I don't know whether Greg McElroy or Tim Tebow will be great, but surely they cannot be a downgrade from Mark Sanchez.

McElroy needs to start. He's done more than Tebow to help the team win this year. The Jets should try and figure out what they have in him. The way this organization functions, I expect Tebow to start. He'll bring attention to the Jets and get people to come to the game. He also would be showcased to potential trade partners.