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Scouting The 2013 NFL Draft: QB Zac Dysert

Let's take a look at quarterback prospect Zac Dysert, senior from Miami University (OH)

Sam Greenwood

QB Zac Dysert, Miami University (OH)


  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 228lbs


  • Can change his delivery angle if a defender is in his face.
  • Accurate. Threaded the needle into double, sometimes triple coverage. Put the ball where only the receiver could make a play.
  • Performed with bad supporting cast.
  • Can salvage a broken play with his feet.
  • Can throw on the run with accuracy.
  • Is willing to look off primary read, although generally doesn’t go too far through progressions.
  • Isn’t afraid to take shots and put it up to his playmakers.
  • Is very effective at setting up screens.


  • Slightly slower than ideal delivery.
  • Doesn’t set feet well.
  • Didn’t play in a pro-style offense.
  • His technique can get sloppy when he’s rushing to get the ball out.
  • Will sometimes force throws.

How He Fits (NYJ)

The New York Jets are likely stuck with QB Mark Sanchez for another year due to his monstrous contract. He has $8.5m guaranteed, with a $17m cap hit if they cut him. If they can convince another team to take on the guaranteed money, I would trade him. As that is not likely to happen, the Jets would be in a good position if they draft Dysert with the intent to let him sit on the bench and observe while he is coached up and prepared. He's a developmental prospect with a very high ceiling. He needs some work with his technique mostly, which should come with practice. Dysert is an underrated athlete, and truly carried his team. I expect him to be able to start within one season.

Player Comparison

Many have compared Dysert to Ben Roethlisberger, and I think this is an apt description (especially considering they went to the same school, and Dysert broke all of Roethlisberger's records. Dysert is very good at creating plays after they break down and is tough to bring down. He's not a runner in the mold of Robert Griffin III, but he keeps plays alive and often puts the team on his back.

Round Projection

3rd Round



Profile 2 (I disagree with their statement about his release, but otherwise it's a good profile)

Profile 3