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Jets Eliminated in Hideous Loss

Andy Lyons

The Jets were officially eliminated from the Playoffs tonight and fell to 6-8 with a loss in Tennessee to the Titans. There's not much left to say. It's the quarterback we've seen all year. It's the offense we've seen all year. They weren't playing the Jaguars or the Cardinals this time. The Titans aren't very good, but they are better than those teams. The Jets couldn't just beat Tennessee by showing up.

If there's any kind of silver lining in this mess it's that the Jets will not sneak into the Playoffs because of the soft schedule at the end and try and pretend everything is all right and this team is close.

This night was almost a year in the making. The Jets aren't missing the Playoffs because of tonight. They're missing the Playoffs because they pretended their problems didn't exist over the offseason.

Vent below. We will have a lot of time to figure out what went wrong. The official recap will be up later.