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Joe McKnight Ready to Go

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Joe McKnight was at the Short Hills Mall on Friday meeting with fans and promoting Jack Black skin care products. Jack Black has a partnership with the Jets. McKnight actually uses Jack Black's products to help him keep his beard looking good so he's a natural spokeman for the team when it comes to that product.

I briefly got a chance to chat with Joe. He expressed confidence in tonight game. He said the key was simply for "everybody to play as a team on the same page." He also told me the way the team has moved him from one side of the ball to another wasn't as difficult as it might seem because his time on defense was so short.

It's nice to see a player out meeting with the fans. He took some pictures and signed some autographs. Meeting him seemed to make the day of a lot of people. Hopefully the coaching staff finds a way to work him into the offense a bit more tonight.