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Sunday Night Football Open Thread

Jim Rogash

We cap off the day of football with a Sunday Night showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots. With the Colts and the Steelers both losing, the Jets had as good of a Sunday as they could have hoped for. They still need a lot of help to make the Playoffs, but it's more doable than it looked this morning.

Just like last week, a New England win actually helps the Jets a bit. A 49ers victory doesn't help the Jets, but a Patriots win makes it more likely the Texans have to play to win against the Colts the last game of the year to play for homefield advantage.

Leave your thoughts on the nightcap, the Sunday that was in the NFL, tomorrow night's game, or anything else that comes to your mind below in the comments section. And be thankful the odds are better than they were this morning.