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Jets Must Make The Best Footballing Decision With Tebow

The use of Tebow continues to bemuse me, the Jets are currently making the best public relations decision, if we ever want to compete, we need to start making the best footballing decisions.


What are we doing with Tim Tebow? I don't know, the sad part is I don't think Rex does either. This week Rex confirmed that Tebow would not run the Wildcat and would not be in on punt protection, then he did a 180 and confirmed that Tebow was looking better and he may or may not be running the wildcat and play on punt protection. I think Rex is so confused, he completely forgot his gamesmanship of not revealing any game plan details.

Tebow hasn't taken a single snap in the past three games, and before that he has taken a handful of snaps. He has attempted 7 passes completing 6, and attempting 29 rushes for 87 yards. Lets call a spade a spade.....this trade was a complete mess. We heard of this secret special package that was being prepared for him, we have seen a simple read-option wildcat offense.

I loved the move when we made it, I truly believed that we made the move for football purposes, I daydreamed of all the ways he could be used, of a good old fashioned H-Back. Unfortunately it seems the move was made from the owners box and the coaching staff just wasn't ready to put anything together that was substantial or revolutionary. I'm not going to blame Tebow for Sanchez's struggles, I just can't make up any more excuses for #6.

So now we are dressing a quarterback who can't play conventional snaps at the position, at the end of the day when he was 100% healthy he was barely getting any snaps. It makes absolutely no sense on a footballing level, but the Jets must ensure that they are not perceived to have made a mistake. I was completely wrong about the trade, it was a public relations move.

We are coming to the end of the season, so now the Jets must rectify their mistake. it seems we are stuck with Sanchez for another year, the front office can use Greg McElroy's popularity as reasoning for trading Tebow. Send him to Jacksonville, they need the advertisement and merchandising money. We get back a low draft pick, we can say that we feel comfortable making Greg the #2, Tebow and the 'distraction' is gone and we get one step closer to seeing what Greg can do when Mark Sanchez inevitably fails.

We'll never win anything until we start making moves based purely on football decisions. The Jets have one of the most interesting off-seasons coming up, they need to make important decisions across the board. One of the first on the agenda should be getting rid of Tebow, I like Tim and I think he has a place in this league - however it is obvious that the Jets won't and don't know how to use him effectively.