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Can the Inside Linebackers Contain Chris Johnson?


The Jets have been a poor run defense all year due in no small part to inside linebacker play. It feels like it was not long ago David Harris and Bart Scott were arguably the top duo in the league. Harris already has his top tackle total since 2009, but it doesn't feel like he's been a big impact guy this year. Scott's decline has been pronounced.

These guys have struggled taking bad angles to the ball. They have overpursued, leaving cutback lanes open. They have allowed themselves to be sucked into traffic and have not been great disengaging.

They will need to be on their toes Monday. Chris Johnson is really fast and has very good anticipation. He reads his blocks well. While he has not been very productive of late, there is a reason he has over 1,000 yards and a 4.7 average. He is dangerous with the football. If you miss a tackle or don't stay in your lane, he is capable of busting a huge run.

The Titans have more playmakers than the Jets have seen the last two weeks. Neither the Cardinals nor the Jaguars have been capable of punishing the Jets. The Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald, but he is useless with the kind of quarterback play he is getting. The Titans have some talented skill players. The thought of Johnson isolated against one of the Jets' slow linebackers is a bit scary. The Titans are one of only seven teams that runs the ball between the tackles on 60% of their runs. Scott and Harris need to have big games.