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Scouting Report: Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech

A detailed scouting report of Virginia Tech's top receiver.


This week, us at bring you a detailed, first-hand scouting report of Virginia Tech receiver Marcus Davis. I have seen Davis play twice in person, and it gave me a good idea for the kind of movement skills and athlete he is.

You can also see our full database of scouring reports across our network of sites, which will grow as draft season approaches.

Prospect: Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 232
Grade: 6.8 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report

+Very balanced, fluid runner.
+Changes direction well, elusive in the open field.
+Shows some power breaking tackles.
+Can get downfield and outrun defenders, but does not have elite speed that can run by safeties with ease.
-Not overly explosive in and out of cuts.

+Shows the ability to go up and "pluck" the ball out of the air.
+Catches with his hands, not his body
+Good body control in the air while laying out for the catch.
+Most of the drops he does have are from wildly overthrown balls.
+Concentrates on the ball in traffic.
- Occasionally drops easy passes, perhaps from overconcentration.
+Strong hands

+Displays excellent balance when planting and changing direction.
+Able to sell double moves.
+Moves seamlessly in and out of his cuts.
-Does not see a lot of press coverage.
-Bit of a "build-up" runner that needs space to reach his top speed.
-Sometimes takes false steps that slow him down in the middle of routes.

+Willing down-the-field blocker.
+Huge frame allows him to swallow up smaller corners.
- Has occasional lapses in effort

+Can make adjustments on the fly.
-Plays in a simpler offense that does not use the entirety of an NFL route tree.

+Clean prospect off the field.
- Was benched at the end of the season for giving questionable effort on a block.
-Only a one-year starter.


Davis has spent most of his college career sitting behind Danny Coale and Jarrett Boykin, but he has emerged as Virginia Tech's most dynamic receiving target in 2012.

His best trait is his athleticism and ability to pluck the ball out of the air, which has resulted in a lot of big, game-changing plays this year. With Logan Thomas showing a lot of issues with his accuracy, Davis' size and catching radius has helped subside Thomas' flaws.

Davis' is built to be a big-play outside receiver; he is not built like a shifty, small slot receiver, although he can move laterally. At 6'4, 232, he has enough size and raw ability to be a potential starter in the NFL. To me, he is one of the most underrated receiving prospects in the country whose production is hampered by a stale offense and inconsistent quarterback play.

How he develops depends on how quickly he can pick up an NFL offense has how he can adjust to press coverage at the next level.

vs. Austin Peay
- Tall, imposing, fluid athelete
- natural open-field running ability.
- Shows great balance and body control and balance when going for passes.
- A few drops, but many passes were high or contested balls.
- Very good after the catch making defenders miss.

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