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A Mirage

The Jets are very capable of ending their 2012 season on a five game win streak. Good or Bad?


With three weeks remaining in what has been a frustrating season for the Jets, a five game win streak down the backend of the schedule would only cause further detriment to this team.

Hopefully, the New York Jets front office can see that these last five, very winnable, games are a mirage. All five opponents are considered amongst the bottom echelon of NFL teams and sneaking out wins against them shouldn’t give the Jets false hope.

Two weeks ago, a win against the quarterback-less Cardinals was as embarrassing a win as I have seen watching the NFL. Against the Jaguars, the Jets did little to change the perception of themselves. The Jags are a bottom of the barrel NFL team. They might be the worst team in the league next to the Kansas City Chiefs (depending on who you’re talking to). The fact that the game against Jacksonville was competitive tells us all we need to know about the Jets. They sadly belong in the same conversation as the Jaguars, Titans, Bills, etc.

Winning these next three games and ending the regular season on a five game win streak would be an absolute mirage. This Jets team was unable to put together back- to- back wins all season when facing the better teams the NFL has to offer. They were embarrassed by the better teams in the league (San Francisco, New England) and at no point this year did they give any indication that they were a legitimate team to be reckoned with.

The concern for me would be the Jets taking these meaningless wins at face value. Whether the Jets win out or not, the changes must be made at the general manager position (for sure), quarterback and possibly head coach. These final five games cannot impede on the organizations decision to move forward without Tannenbaum, Sanchez and possibly Rex.

Hopefully at seasons end Woody Johnson will be ale to see the problems that many of us have noticed all season and make the obvious decisions.