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The Perplexing Case of Tim Tebow


Press conference from the Jets have been bizarre for quite a while. Rex Ryan's handling of questions about Tim Tebow today are the latest in a long line of statements from the team that don't make much sense. Seth Walder from the Daily News gives the details of the convoluted story coming from the Jets in this article.

Tebow is going to be active for the game, but the Jets won't run the Wildcat. Why wouldn't the Wildcat be part of the plan? It seems like the Jets are going to a run heavy offense. They don't care if the other team knows they are running it. What the Wildcat does is either create an extra blocker because you aren't using the quarterback to hand the ball off or give you two chances at a successful running play since the quarterback will have an option of where to go with the ball. And why announce this? All we've been hearing since the trade is the notion that other teams have to spend valuable time preparing for the Wildcat. Even the Jets don't believe it at this point.

Is Tebow not healthy enough to run it? Why not have Jeremy Kerley run it? Kerley has experience with the Wildcat. He looked capable running it in tandem with Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight last year.

If Tebow isn't healthy enough, why have him active? He's the kind of quarterback who can only be effective if you're having him run the ball. He can't play in a conventional offense. If he isn't healthy enough to run it, there's no sense in having him active. If Mark Sanchez gets hurt, Tebow can't run a conventional offense passing from the pocket.

The way the Jets have handled Tebow all year has made little sense. It started with their top secret plays they wouldn't reveal in the preseason as though they had created a new way they could run the option that hadn't been developed over the decades football teams have run it.

We're fifteen weeks into the season. Why start making sense now?