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Week 15 Rooting Guide


I've been putting this post off because the Jets needed to get here before we could think about the Playoffs in any semi-realistic way. The situation is pretty cut and dry. The Colts, Steelers, and Bengals are in front of the Jets. They need to pass two of the three to snag a Wild Card. Here's how you should root this weekend.

Philadelphia over Cincinnati: The Jets are a game behind the Bengals. They could really use a Philly upset.

Dallas over Pittsburgh: The Jets are a game behind the Steelers and lose the head to head tiebreaker. With a home game against Cleveland to finish out the year, by far the most likely path to two losses for Pittsburgh involves a loss to the Cowboys.

Houston over Indianapolis: The Jets can only catch the Colts if Indianapolis loses out. They get the Texans twice and the Chiefs once. The Houston part seems much more promising than the Kansas City part.

Denver over Baltimore: This is not an enormous deal, but it would prevent Baltimore from clinching the AFC North and makes it more likely the Ravens will have to play their starters Week 17 against the Bengals.