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How Much Fight Do the Tennessee Titans Have Left?


The Titans are in a very tough spot. Their season is over. Their head coach is probably going to be fired. They just don't have much to play for. On top of this, they are on a three game losing streak. Last week, they entered a game against the Colts searching for anything to feel good about after two straight difficult defeats.

They finally seemed to be playing well, taking a 20-7 lead on Indianapolis. They coughed up that lead then fought their way back to reclaim the lead only to lose. That is the kind of game that can rip the heart out of a team. We have seen similar games destroy bad Jets teams in past seasons. They finally came to play and still ended up reeling at the end.

It is unclear how much fight the Titans have left. They will probably come out with a spirited effort at the start of Monday's game playing in front of their home crowd and a national audience. It is important for the Jets to get off to a good start. Doing so might demoralize a team that has been crushed in recent weeks and have little to play for. It would be human nature for the Titans to start thinking to the offseason.

It is also worth saying that for all of his flaws, I think Rex Ryan deserves credit for keeping the Jets playing hard after all seemed lost on Thanksgiving against the Patriots. The competition hasn't been great, but the Jets could have easily given up after that debacle.

If there were ever a week for the Jets to finally start hot, this might be it.