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Jets Are 17th in SB Nation Power Rankings


Even though they barely scratched their way by a 2-11 Jacksonville team, the Jets jumped seven spots in the SB Nation power rankings this week and now rate 17th.

17. New York Jets (LW: 23, 6-7): It's going to be great when the Jets make the playoffs.

The Playoffs are still a longshot for this team. Football Outsiders gives the Jets just a 5.1% chance. They need to win out and even then get help. The winning out part is a challenge. Even though the schedule seems favorable, the Jets have barely beaten really bad teams the last two weeks.

It's going to take a lot more to feel good about this team. Scraping by poor opponents isn't going to display the problems are fixed. If the Jets start soundly beating subpar opponents, it will be time to get a bit excited. Until that happens, this run will look like a product of the schedule.