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Jets Claim Braylon Edwards

Jets bring back former receiver.


Manish Mehta reports the Jets have placed a claim on Braylon Edwards and been awarded the wide receiver.

It's official: I'm told the Jets did, in fact, put in a waiver claim for Braylon Edwards and got him. He's officially a Jet.

While I don't see much sense in this move outside of nostalgia, I also don't think it's a move that suddenly makes the Jets much less likely to make the Playoffs.

It's important to temper your expectations, though. I think Rex Ryan got through to Edwards in a way no other coach has, but Braylon is not the same player he was even two years ago. He's looked like a guy who is lucky to be in the NFL. If he was still the 2010 Braylon Edwards, he wouldn't be available at this point. There isn't much to suggest he's any better than the other receivers the Jets have on the roster.

Here's hoping he has a miraculous recovery and proves me wrong.