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Jets to Sign Braylon Edwards if He Clears Waivers

Jim Rogash

Brian Costello reports the Jets will sign wide receiver Braylon Edwards if he clears waivers.

Edwards spent the 2009-10 seasons with the Jets, becoming one of quarterback Mark Sanchez’s favorite targets. Edwards had 88 catches for 1,445 yards and 11 touchdowns as a Jet.

The next time you hear jokes about the Jets being a circus, moves like this explain it. Last week, Edwards trashed the Jets on Twitter for the umpteenth time. Now they reward him. There's no reason for anybody in the locker room to respect those in positions of authority. There are no consequences for anything. That is the message the Jets are sending.

The symbolism of this move is a bigger story than the actual pending signing. Edwards doesn't bring much to the table. Stephen Hill, Chaz Schilens, and Clyde Gates have produced more than him this year. Braylon was always a one trick pony, and that trick is gone. He was a good deep threat. His knee is now shot, and he has no speed. He's pretty much a poor man's Plaxico Burress. Back when the Jets traded for him in 2009, he needed a fresh start. A change of scenery did him well. A change of scenery probably isn't going to help here. He needs a new knee.

It's kind of a curious decision in other areas. There have been plenty of over the hill malcontent receivers available all year if the Jets wanted to go that way with better track records. Edwards is going to be a terrible influence on the young receivers on the roster. He's long had the bad teammate, not a hard worker, off field problem tags. It also might be better using the roster spot on a young player capable of developing who somebody who can play on special teams.

We all have fond memories of some nice moments from his first stint, but Edwards doesn't seem like an NFL caliber player anymore. This feels like a move that is typical of the Jets lately. They think they are closer than they really are. They seem to think this is 2009 or 2010 again and they can catch lightning in a bottle. Edwards was productive for those teams. He really isn't now, though.