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Kahlil Bell Cut


Adam Schefter reports the Jets have cut running back Kahlil Bell.

Ramp up the Braylon-Edwards-back-to-Jets story. Jets released RB Kahlil Bell to make room for a wide receiver, per league source.

Bell lost a fumble the one time he touched the ball with the Jets so this ends one of the least distinguished stints with the team ever. I wish he had gotten more of a look. I wouldn't have minded to see Shonn Greene go. Greene has played well the last two weeks, but I get the feeling the Jets could get the same production and maybe more from the other backs on the roster. It's not like Greene should factor into the long-term plans. Not that the Jets would ever cut him.

I guess this also means that Joe McKnight's "migranes" are gone.

We now wait with baited breath to see what the Jets do with the roster spot this opens.