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Injury Report

Stephen Hill, Bryan Thomas, and Aaron Berry suffered injuries in the victory of the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Kimberley Martin of Newsday is reporting that WR Stephen Hill suffered a lateral collateral ligament strain, LB Bryan Thomas has suffered a pectoral strain, and CB Aaron Berry has suffered a hamstring injury. Both Hill's and Thomas' injuries are far less significant than was earlier thought. Both players are day-to-day, but I would be very surprised if either play in the upcoming Monday night game against the Tennessee Titans. Especially for Hill, this is fantastic news that he did not suffer a tear. As for Berry, the early word is that his injury is serious, but we'll know more soon, hopefully. He's been bitten by the injury bug hard since, literally, the day he signed with us. Hopefully they'll all be back in time for our playoff push. Just kidding. Maybe.