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Should the Jets consider Reggie Bush This Off-Season?

Looking through the expected free agents this off-season, Reggie Bush's name sticks out as a possible game changer for the New York Jets. Should the Jets consider Bush? and if so would Bush consider the Jets?

Mike Ehrmann

Looking through our own free agents this off-season, I drifted to free agents in general. The one name that stood out to me on the offensive side of the football is Reggie Bush. Reggie always seems like the football equivalent of marmite, you either love him or you hate him. Personally I've been a fan of Reggie for many years, going back to USC and even when I first saw some high school footage of him.

Now Bush is hardly a fan favourite among Jets fans, not only has he spent the season with the hated Miami Dolphins, but he has also exchanged some choice words with certain Jets players, no more so than Laron Landry. At the end of the day it's all part of the show, there may be some real tension there but what matters to players is winning, and unfortunately money. You put the right package in front of a player and the right environment, he'll sign on the dotted line.

Reggie has been a revelation for the Dolphins, to the extent that he may be tagged as the Franchise player at the end of the season. Currently he is running at 4.4 yards a click after averaging 5.0 yards last season in his first 1,000 yard rushing year. When he first came into the league, I thought he was a little tweeny! and that he wouldn't hold up. That has to an extent been proved, however over the course of his career in New Orleans he managed to bulk up and has started 15 games in 2011 and all 12 so far in 2012.

Bush has an excellent skill-set that any team could use, this year he will break the 4,000 yard career rushing mark and he'll be close to the 3,000 receiving yards mark too. In the NFL you won't find many players who are more explosive or harder to defend. His ability to take the ball to the house every single time it touches his hand is unique. his running style and elusiveness is among the elite. However it's his receiving out of the backfield that will truly scare defenses. He is a Quarterbacks best friend, and if we are still with Sanchez or developing a new QB, having an outlet like Bush isn't a bad idea.

Some will say that his skill-set is identical to Joe McKnight and if the Jets won't use McKnight in the running game, why would they want Bush. Well to an extent they are similar, but McKnight is a lot thicker than McKnight and more elusive. He has proven over the last two years that he can be the feature back, and he can perform. He has had some fumble issues in the past and has fumbled the football 7 times over the past two seasons (so far).

Our running game is pretty poor, and with Greene hitting the FA market we will be a little short. I personally don't think we should bring Greene back, one because I think he is a middle of the road back, and two because I think we need to change a few pieces within the team to freshen things up. I don't think we should go all out for Reggie Bush, but I do think that we should look his way and test his interest.

If you can stomach watching a 6 minute video of a Dolphins player, take a look below: