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The Return Of Braylon Edwards?

Are we about to see the return of the fan favorite Braylon Edwards?

Michael Heiman

As many of you know, Braylon Edwards was cut from the Seattle Seahawks. There were some rumblings that he was put on injured reserve, however the beat reporters are now saying that he is a free agent and eligible to be signed. In addition, there are reports that the New York Jets are looking to add some wide receivers due to Stephen Hill's still-unknown knee injury. One possibility, according to Brian Costello, is Braylon "B. Easy" Edwards.

I don't want him.

I know that might upset some of you that have fond memories of the cartwheeling #17 member of the Flight Boys. But I have some issues with Edwards. The first is this over-the-top nostalgia of him being some great receiver. Edwards has had two good seasons in his nine year career, in 2007 and 2010. The remainder of his years range from disastrous to below average. He's not an elite receiver, despite his immense physical talents. Why? Because he's never been there mentally.

On several occasions, Edwards has shot himself in the foot by saying (or tweeting) things that just shouldn't be said. After the Jets rejected him in free agency, he went on a tirade about the Jets. Recently, he trashed the Jets' front office publicly via Twitter. The next day, he was cut from the Seattle Seahawks. He has the maturity and intelligence of a twelve-year old boy that has fits when he doesn't get what he wants.

Remember the one week he needed to be intelligent, during free agency to get a decent sized contract? He got arrested. Remember when he drove drunk and was also arrested? Throughout his career, he's continually been in trouble off the field.

After he was arrested for DUI, his teammates said that they weren't surprised, because he's a selfish guy. He's not the wonderful teammate that some people oddly remember him as.

And not to mention, nobody else wants him, and for good reason. The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, two teams that desperately could use a top-level WR, both cut him. He's had knee injuries and can't get the same separation that he used to. He's generally overrated, I think, by Jets fans who fondly and are overly-nostalgic over one good year.

The Jets may sign Edwards, as they're desperate for healthy receivers. Edwards may even be decent with us, as he was in 2010. I wouldn't bet on it. And I still won't be happy to see this team rewarding malcontents and overrated players.