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Week 16 Game Between New York Jets and San Diego Chargers Flexed to 1:00

Nick Laham

It is not exactly surprising news, but the Week 16 matchup between the Jets and Chargers has been moved from the 8:20 Sunday Night Football timeslot on NBC to a 1:00 kickoff on CBS. The 49ers and the Seahawks will appear on Sunday Night Football.

The 8:20 game is the league's showcase game each week. It is tough to blame it for not wanting a game between two mediocre clubs when it could have a game with big Playoff implications. Even if the Jets are alive in the AFC Wild Card race at that point, the 49ers and Seahawks are two better teams that could help decide a division title.

This is probably good news for those of you planning to go to that game. I think 1:00 games are a lot easier to make. A lot of you will probably have off because Christmas Eve is the next day, but I still think people are better off than having a late night at the stadium.