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How Do You Watch Games?

Talking about rituals.

And we conclude the JB Comeback Tour with a post SB Nation makes me do to help pay our bills.

My gameday ritual is pretty simple. I watch games like I'm a nut. I like to watch the games by myself. I want to be focused on the game. If I'm around people, I get social and talk to people instead of focusing. I try and keep myself as far away from the computer and the GGN game thread. The comments on there are so insightful that I get distracted and my attention gets pulled from the game. I fail and frequently comment in the game thread.

Eating takes place either before the game or at halftime.

I like having a room that I can move around. I want to be able to pace. I want to be able to jump around when something good happens.

I coach the team. I make substitutions. I call the plays. I yell at players. I congratulate players.

How do you celebrate game day. Is anybody out there as crazy as me?

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