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Rex Ryan Thinks Trip Can Help Jets Come Together

Rex talks about team bonding.

Al Bello

Rex Ryan thinks the trip to Seattle might help the Jets come together as a team.

“It’s a crazy thing, but the fact that it’s [in Seattle] and it can’t get much tougher a situation than it is, maybe that’s what we need, maybe that will pull this group together,’’ Ryan said.

What really would make the Jets come together is an offense that can move the ball with any sort of consistency or a defense that can make tackles in the run game.

This whole team coming together in the face of adversity narrative sounds great, but there are reasons teams win and lose in the NFL. There were fundamental problems with this team in the first half. I hope this is just Rex talking to the press and that those problems have been addressed. Simply being thrown into Seattle at 3-5 isn't going to fix the problem. The Jets should have been desperate against the Dolphins.