Scott Salmon Appreciation Thread

Rec this or face the consequences.

Full disclosure: I was wary of bobdolethensnapplelady when I met him/her/it. I always am of people who volunteer themselves to be a part of something I love. bdtsl and rexthejet signified the inevitable air of progression and change that is needed with a collaborative site like GGN and an end to my single-mod dictatorship.

But luckily for me bdtsl died an untimely death and we've been graced with a new featured writer here on GGN. When I first saw Scott on his new program I thought "wow, it must be school picture day" but he's matured into the sort of person I would probably get into a fist fight with outside of a college bar on a Tuesday night.

Indeed, our Scott Salmon is all grown up. He just rep'd us on ESPN. And this is not to be taken as a slight to anyone, but I'm not sure if GGN could have survived both the temporary loss of John B and the relaunch as strongly as it has without Salmon becoming the defacto leader he has on GGN. I can only speak for myself when I say that Salmon has been everything I hoped but ultimately knew I could not be for the site in John's absence.

David Vill is indispensable, and DW and JB already know how we feel about them. So this thread is to recognize Scott for not only his official promotions over the past months but also for the service he has rendered us as a featured writer, unofficial editor, and site runner while John's job winds down. You do yourself and the site justice by commending him in the comments section below as I'm sure you will do now. Wariness has turned to friendship and frankly a sense of dependence; I don't know what I would do without the Sal-man.

Shower the Salmon with love below. And again, rec this.

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