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Mid-Season Overview: New York Jets

At 3-5 overall, The New York Jets have underperformed this season. A disappointment of a season hangs in the balance Sunday as the Jets travel to Seattle to face Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and company.


I’d like to start by sending my deepest condolences to anyone and everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. I am a resident of Staten Island, New York and the devastation that has hit my community is truly unbelievable. I am extremely lucky to say that my home escaped the storm without severe damage. Extended time without power was difficult but there are many people who have lost everything and my heart and mind are with them in this rough time. G-D Bless!!

Now On to the Jets!!!

This season by all accounts, has been a disappointment. After 8 weeks of football the New York Jets sit at 3-5, having lost 4 of their last 5 games. The team has looked pathetic in many stretches this year. In their last game they were embarrassed by the Dolphins after a week of trash talk between the two teams.

Many have called for Mike Tannenbaum’s job. He certainly was unable assemble a team capable of playing at the highest level, by NFL standards. At the beginning of the season Rex Ryan was on record saying that this New York Jets team was probably the best he has had in his 3 years with the organization. If that’s truly how Rex feels, he should also be submitted a pink slip at seasons ends.

As for the team itself and players… The NFL has undoubtedly become a quarterback driven league. I’m sure we can agree that any team in this league hoping to hoist a Lombardi trophy is going to need exceptional play at the quarterback position. It has almost become nauseating to state my opinion about Mark Sanchez but here it goes…

Its seems to me that Mark Sanchez takes tremendous leaps forward on occasions, but as fast as he takes steps forward, he takes double the amount of steps backwards. I truly felt that the loss to New England would be a turning point game for Sanchez this season and in his career. Yes, I understand the Patriots have a horrific secondary and maybe that game was an aberration. But Sanchez looked the best I have seen him that night. He threw the ball with confidence, looked in control, and put his team in a position to win the game. Then came the Miami game where Sanchez and the offense reverted back to their normal selves, scoring a measly 9 points. When will the Jets ever get consistency from Sanchez??

I’m not ready to completely throw in the towel on Sanchez. In my eyes he deserves this full season before he is written off. However, and let me be clear, if the Jets continue down this path of mediocrity, Sanchez, Ryan and Tannenbaum should all be looking for new jobs come the offseason.

Week by week the trade for Tim Tebow looks more and more like a publicity stunt. Tim Tebow can help this team but sadly isn’t going to be given the chance. Many people believe relieving Sanchez of his duties and letting Tebow step in is a clear indication that the Jets have given up on the season… Why!!??

Sanchez has obviously struggled. He undoubtedly is the better "Pure" quarterback, and it is not my opinion that Tebow should take 100% of the snaps. Rex Ryan has stated on many occasions that Tebow was brought in because there are certain things, qualities he has that can benefit the Jets offense. At this point in the season, with a 3-5 record, and the offense having looked pitiful more then not, I think its time to give Tebow a chance… What is there to lose? Games? Well we’re already doing that!

I seldom have reservations regarding the Jets defense. They certainly have not played to the standard that we have grown accustom to seeing from Rex Ryan coached defenses, but they have clearly had no help from the offense. The Secondary has played well in the absence of Darelle Revis. Antonio Cromartie has proven his worth to this team and looks to be playing for a new contract. My biggest problem with the Jets defense, and this is another Ryan/Tannenbaum debacle, is their inability to get after the passer. Quinton Coples was the Jets first overall pick and he has looked as advertised! No… Not a 6’6, 290 pound, relentless pass rusher, but rather a guy that takes plays off and doesn’t give his whole self for 60 minutes.

Sunday’s game at Seattle, which seemed like a sure win before the season, will be a dog fight.
The Seahawks have proven that they can play with the elite teams in this league and they will give the Jets all they can handle. Marshawn Lynch is as tough as they come and he will test the Jets ability to make tackles. This is a must win for the Jets!!! Lose this game and the season is all but over.

Hopefully the Jets have something up their sleeve for Seattle, or maybe they will come out with a new found tenacity this second half of the season. Whatever they do, it better happen soon, fans are getting restless and I can’t imagine owner Woody Johnson is happy with the results at this point… Unless Mitt takes home the election!!