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Jets Cut Antonio Allen, Sign Jason Hill; In Other News, My Head Explodes

Breaking news out of Florham Park is that the Jets have cut Antonio Allen and signed Jason Hill.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The breaking news out of Florham Park is that the New York Jets have cut rookie S Antonio Allen and re-signed veteran WR Jason Hill. They are likely to re-sign Allen to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

This is, for me, the final straw on the Mike Tannenbaum era. I was a long-time supporter of Tannenbaum, but started getting critical of him after the San Francisco 49ers game when we really saw the team's lack of depth. Now, after a bye week, when the team is struggling, this is the best personnel move Tannenbaum has to offer? We've been waiting almost a week and a half for a change, roster or coaching wise, and this is it? Cut one of our promising rookies and sign a washed up scrub receiver? It's official, I'm done with Tannenbaum.

It seems that since Eric Mangini left, Tannenbaum fully took over personnel decisions, and promptly drove it into a ditch. He's had a few positive moments, to be sure, but since Mangini left, the roster moves have been on a straight downward slide. This perfectly exemplifies that slide. For a team desperate for a change, a jolt, we sign a retread receiver that will barely sniff the field anyway.

I think the fundamental problem with this team, as it currently stands, is that the front office is completely unable to self-evaluate its own talent. They seem to think that the players on this roster can beat the best of the best. They think these guys are all going to magically step up and outperform and do what they've never been able to do, and beat the San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots of the world. Newsflash, Tannenbaum, it ain't gonna happen. There's some talent on this team, to be sure, but they are in no way ready to do that. And the moves the front office have made do not reflect this dearth of experienced talent. Why? Because they can't self-scout and are continually overestimating their own ability to perform. Since the 2010 playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, when have we seen any move to seriously improve the roster? We haven't. Why? Because they are convinced that they can do the same thing again with even less playmakers, and this time win. And I like I said, it ain't gonna happen. Not with these pathetic front office moves.

We've continually seen the 53rd man and the practice squad treated like a joke for too long now. There are entirely way too many cuts and re-signings of our draft picks and old, useless veterans. That only happens when you don't, or can't, scout your own players and either find value or cut bait.

I realize this is a relatively small move, but it's indicative of the entire front office for the past few years. They can't self-scout, and as a result, we're stuck dealing with these stupid, pathetic signings which make a mockery of the entire fan base and our intelligence. You'd have to be a moron to think that this is the move that breaks the Jets open in the second half of the season, and now I really believe Tannenbaum is that moron.

Edit: I saw this tweet, which I loved, "Antonio Allen has the same amount of sacks as Wilk, BT, Pace, Harris. More than Bart and Maybin. He has also played in 89% less snaps. Joke." h/t Nick Spano. But no, instead of all that, after a bye week and a loss in 3 of the last 4 weeks, we get an old receiver that's useless.

Update: The Jets have activated OLB Ricky Sapp to the active roster. He was injured for a while and finally is healthy enough to play. He has a ton of potential, let's hope (read: pray) he can realize it and be a pass rushing force.