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Why Do You Like The Jets?

Tell us how you became a New York Jets fan!

Jeff Zelevansky

Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters! We are back once again with what has become our bye week tradition, in which we talk about how we came to be athletic supporters of the New York Jets. Some of us were born into it, while others followed their favorite college athletes when they were drafted by the team, and some may have followed a specific player from one team to the Jets, such as let's say, Tim Tebow.

This year, we would also like you to explain how you found Gang Green Nation. Where did you chat, hang out and get your Jets fix before finding this site?

I'll start, and this is how I became a Jets fan. I'll keep it brief since many of you have read it before. I wasn't much into football at 13 years old. I happened to see a news story on Boomer Esiason caring for his son who had cystic fibrosis. A few days later I was channel surfing and found the Jets game so I decided to check it out.

I didn't understand it at first. For example, I didn't know why the referees kept throwing little yellow rags on the field and the guys in green kept walking backwards. Play after play after play. But I stuck with them and learned about football (mostly what not to do) following Gang Green, and I'm still a fan even to this day. And this season.

I didn't even know about Joe Namath (apart from being the Nobody Beats the Wiz guy), nor that the team had won a historic Super Bowl. And I didn't know the other New York team had recently won a couple of championships. The Jets haven't won anything since then apart from maybe a division title. But having players like Curtis Martin and Wayne Chrebet have made it worthwhile.

I used to hang out in AOL chat rooms to talk Jets. Then when we switched from dial-up to cable, I got my green and white fix via Myspace groups. Eventually everyone migrated to Facebook and the groups were left empty. At the same time, I started getting Jets feeds from my Yahoo! news, and some links led me to GGN.

At first, I had no idea what "the jump" was, and I would simply skip to the comments. I had no idea what people were discussing. I was like, wtf? I don't see any of these points being made so why are they arguing about it? I thought "more after the jump" meant if there was a further update or development, more will be posted. I was also checking out Amazin' Avenue and didn't realize their Applesauce posts were daily links. I would check out the comments and go, whaa???

Anyways, I eventually figured out SB Nation enough that I became the daily Jets links guy, whether you like it or not.

Okay, Gang Green Gangsters, it's your turn. Tell us why you follow the Jets and how you found GGN!