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Matt Cavanaugh Speaks; In Other News, My Head's Still Exploding

For some reason, the New York Jets have allowed an assistant coach to speak to the media today.


Yesterday, we had OL Coach Dave DeGuglielmo speak to the media and it was just stunning in the tenor that he spoke to them. Today, QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh spoke to the media, and his words were truly stunning to me. Keep in mind, I still have no idea how this guy has a job. He is, without a doubt in my mind, the single worst coach that works for the New York Jets. Here are some quotes from Cavanaugh, courtesy of the beat reporters:

"I'm generally pleased" about Sanchez and what he has been doing this season.

Cavanaugh, be honest. Have you been drunk this entire season?

Cavanaugh on Sanchez: "I just know he's talented, he's very talented. He's getting better."

-Stuff Nobody Says. Seriously. Cavanaugh has to be the only person that thinks Sanchez is getting better.

Cavanaugh says he doesn't think Tebow's presence has had any effect on Sanchez's play this season.

Then WHY did we get him? If he's not going to make him better, and he's certainly not going to play, then why is he here? You know what, don't answer that.

Cavanaugh says he told this to Sanchez about dealing with distractions: "Learn how to deal with it. That's what great ones do."

This made me the most angry. This is your advice? This is the best advice you can give? Deal with it? Seriously?

Cavanaugh on Sanchez: "Without sounding like an idiot here, I think he's getting better. I really do."

No, no. You do sound like an idiot.

Cavanaugh says be patient with Mark Sanchez.

Ah, yes. Four years in, patience is still strong. Didn't you also compliment Tim Tebow's throwing motion?

"Now, let's go around the league and see who doesn't make bonehead plays... he learns from it."

I honestly don't know where to begin with this one. This guy is seriously deluded. Yes, Drew Brees threw five interceptions last night. Brees made mistakes, thus Sanchez=Brees!

Kerley is the team's emergency QB.

Le Sigh.

I don't know if Cavanaugh is just posturing for the media, or he truly believes this stuff. I think he really believes it. And that infuriates me to no end. Why is this guy even still a quarterbacks coach? Has any quarterback gotten better under him? Ever? No, seriously. If any of our readers can point out a quarterback that has gotten better under Cavanaugh, I'd love to hear it.

And the worst part of this? Sanchez is eventually going to get cut or traded to another team, and he's going to do well there under a good quarterbacks coach. Cavanaugh is going to put the blame on Sanchez though as why the Jets were not successful, not his own coaching or delusions. Cavanaugh is going to shift the blame, and keep his job into the next regime. Unreal. Vent below.