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Obligatory "Should the Jets Try to Sign Jason Babin?" Post

This sack from last year was brought to you by Wayne Hunter.
This sack from last year was brought to you by Wayne Hunter.
Rob Carr

The Philadelphia Eagles today released two-time Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin today.

Babin is a guy viewed as a first round bust who resurrected his career two years ago with the Titans, posting a 12.5 sack season. He got a big free agent contract from the Eagles and put up 18 sacks a year ago. So far this year, he has 5.5 sacks in 11 games. Even though his sack numbers are down, Pro Football Focus' numbers indicate he's disrupting the play on almost 13% of his pass rushes. That is an excellent number.

Babin has definitely benefited from playing in Jim Washburn's wide nine, which allow him to fire up the field. Playing across from Trent Cole didn't hurt either last year.

If they can find a way to fit him under the cap, it makes sense for the Jets or any team to go after the 32 year old. This season might be sunk, but he could help next year. The Jets could go with a 4-3 front of Babin and the young athletic guys Wilkerson, Ellis, and Coples. That could be exciting depending on how the last two guys are able to channel their excellent athletic ability over the offseason.

I think Babin realistically is a reach for the Jets, though. Everybody can use an extra pass rusher. There are going to be a lot of teams gunning for Babin. It's likely the Jets get priced out given their cap situation.