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Joe McKnight to See Time at Wide Receiver?

Joe Sargent

Brian Costello reports Joe McKnight is expecting to receive time at wide receiver due to injuries.

McKnight was briefly sent to the defensive side of the ball from running back earlier this season. With recent injuries to Jeremy Kerley, Clyde Gates, and Chaz Schilens, the Jets do need bodies for the position. Hence the potential "trade" of McKnight to the wide receiver position. He has good receiving skills for a back. Maybe they can transfer to this new role.

I still can't say I love this move for one simple reason. The current starter really is not getting the job done at McKnight's natural position. I get that Joe has a bit of a fumbling problem, but so does said starter there. It is somewhat confusing to see the Jets give McKnight a shot to make a difference at every position except the one he actually plays. What's up with that?