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Tim Tebow to Be Available Sunday?

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

As we move on, Connor Orr reports Tim Tebow is likely to be available on Sunday.

"I'm not expecting anything to change as far as his availability, but we'll see how the week goes and if there's any significant changes," Ryan said. "I know he was active for the game, so we'll see. I know he's getting treatment but I anticipate him being ready to go."

Rex's moves Thursday night leaves a question of what exactly available means.

It's a tricky spot since Tebow is an unconventional quarterback. He's clearly the kind of guy who lowers his shoulder and takes more of a pounding than a conventional passer. His threshold for recovery might be higher than somebody else at his position.

The bottom line is the Jets just need bodies who can do anything on offense so hopefully he's ready to go.