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The Expendables

Marc Serota

SB Nation has asked us to do a post on The Expendables for our team. We are supposed to find and discuss one aspect of the team that has proven expendable.

I'm stumped on this one, folks. You saw what happened Thursday night at the Meadowlands. In one of the most amazing minutes in NFL history, the Jets allowed three touchdowns. Not only that, all three phases allowed a touchdown. There was one on defense, one on offense, and one on special teams.

It reminds me of the line former Buccaneers coach John McKay had. A reporter asked him about his team's execution. McKay quipped, "I'm in favor of it."

This entire team could be considered expendable. There are some good players like Antonio Cromartie and Nick Mangold, but it is difficult to pinpoint one person or part of this team that isn't expendable.

I guess that means my vote has to go to the top to Woody Johnson. He is really the only person you can point at as the reason every single person responsible for the sorry state of the team is with the Jets. He hired Mike Tannenbaum, Rex Ryan, and the rest of the crew who assembled this mess. Hopefully he sees what is going on and has a plan to fix it. Ownership like this is expendable.