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GGM's 2013/14 Wish list

Today we take a ridiculously early look at all the moves I would love to be made this offseason.


With Thursday's debacle in the books, our offseason can pretty much begin. Stranger things have happened, but I highly doubt we win out and make the playoffs. I went into this season with the mindset that Tanny and Rex needed to show us something big after last year's disappointment. Well, November isn't even over yet, and I don't think we can be anymore disappointed than we are now. There are maybe a hand full of players on this team that are showing any signs of life. The front office shows no signs of making any dramatic changes. It looks like pretty much everyone is mailing it in. Well thanks to this early exit, I can start to look at ways to replace all of these scrubs. I hope you are reading Mr. Woody.


Everything starts and ends with the GM. If we want major changes to be made, we should start with Tanny. Tanny is very good with number crunching and roster maneuvering. As far as the Xs and Os go, he is pretty much clueless. We need someone at the head of this ship, that has vast knowledge about the people on it, and their positions. Right now, I have 3 options for our future GM.

Tom Gamble (Director of Pro Personnel - 49ers) I want a guy that has helped put together a dominant team. Tom Gamble been a vital piece to the 49ers puzzle. Gamble has been in the NFL for 24 years, 7 with the 9ers. His expertise reside in the scouting department, but has been a coach and knows how to negotiate a contract.

Eric DeCosta (Assistant General Manager - Ravens) DeCosta has been climbing up the ranks of the Ravens, since they moved to Baltimore. He has had a hand in drafting all the All Pro talent that we wish we had on the Jets. He is my top choice for the job. If you are a Rex supporter, he should be yours also. If we bring in a new GM, it probably means a new coach as well. DeCosta might be willing to keep Rex, considering they have worked together before.

Nick Caserio (Director of Player Personnel - Patriots) It pains me to say it, but the Patriots have been one of the best teams for a very long time. Caserio has a lot of football experience, at 3 vital areas. He was a player, a coach, and a scout. With knowledge of all 3 areas, he can help build a program here like the one that just embarrassed us.


As I said before, if we bring in a new GM, a new coach is probably not far behind. We tried the whole brash, outspoken thing. It was great in the beginning, but it has flared out. What made Rex great, was that his guys would play their asses off for him no matter what. I see a team that quits very easily right now. For our next coach, I would like a guy who is more offensive minded. Here are my top choices for coach.

Jon Gruden: There are a lot of mixed opinions about Gruden. He does have a SB win under his belt, but a lot of people believe it had more to do with him taking over Dungy's team. In the 11 years Gruden was HC, he has been to the playoffs 5 times. Each postseason has been on the back of a division title. What I like the most about Gruden, is that he is a QB kind of guy. I don't know about you guys, but some help in the QB area couldn't hurt.

Chip Kelly: Chip is a bit of a wild card here. Kelly doesn't have any NFL experience, and doesn't run an NFL style offense. There is still no denying the speed and potency of the offense he runs. Part of me believes that if he can bring the offensive speed with him to the NFL, we can do something great. Another part of me believes this is a risk we probably shouldn't take. It might be better to go a safer rout.

Kyle Shanahan: Kyle is another QB guy that could really help us out. Shanahan has done a great job in Washington with their offense, and RGIII. I wouldn't put all my faith in just that though. I was encouraged by the job he did in Houston as OC. We will probably be looking for a new QB in the near future. I wouldn't mind having Kyle here to mold an offense around whoever we bring in.

Player cuts:

We have a lot of dead weight on this team right now. We need to cut a lot of cash, and a lot of uselessness. I am sure there will be a lot of people on this list that should have been gone a long time ago.

Jason Smith: cap savings - $12 Million

Calvin Pace: cap savings - $8.5 Million

Bartt Scott: cap savings - $7.1 Million

Tim Tebow: cap savings - $1.5 Million

Total savings $29.1 Million

I would cut a bunch of other guys also, but these are the main ones. Like Scott, I would like to clear house of all the uselessness.

Players Resigned:

Despite my anger towards everyone on this team right now, some guys do deserve to be brought back.

Mike DeVito

Nick Folk

Laron Landry

Matt Slauson

Austin Howard

Darrelle Revis

Tanner Purdum

Free Agents:

Delanie Walker TE

Sebastian Vollmer OT

Matt Moore QB


Round 1 - Bjoern Werner DE/OLB - We will probably not be bringing back Pace or Thomas. We already cut Maybin. We will need some more bodies for the pass rush. Werner is a monster, and should be looked at as one of the best pass rushers in this year's draft. Even with the extra blockers paying attention to Werner, he still manages to be dominant. I believe Werner, Wilkerson, and Coples will be a group teams will have to account for in the future.

Round 2 - Dallas Thomas OG/OT - Both Moore and Slauson are free agents this year. I doubt we keep both. I think we hold onto Slauson just because of his youth. Even if we do keep Moore, we should bring in his replacement. Thomas has shown to be effective at both run blocking and pass protecting.

Round 3 - Stepfan Taylor RB - I'm tired of Greene. At this point I am more of a fan of Powell. We need someone who is more consistent. There are a lot of RBs this draft that I like. None of them stand out like Martin or Richardson did last year, but there are a number of guys, I would be very comfortable with pounding the rock. Taylor is having a great senior season for Stanford. There is something about Taylor's vision that makes me really excited about him at the next level.

Round 4 - Philip Lutzenkirchen TE - Like Greene, Keller is very spotty with being consistent. The TE has become a very important position in today's NFL. Someone with Keller's consistency won't cut it anymore. Philip's last name might be hard to say, but his skill is undeniable. He can block as well as anyone, but his receiving skills are what will make him a success in the NFL. I sense a little Gronk in this guy. He has not been utilized well at all for Auburn. If you add the fact that he is out for the rest of the year, he is sure to slip. I hope whoever is scouting for us this year, won't miss out on Lutzenkirchen.

Round 5 - Conner Vernon WR - I love these high effort, big heart, nobodies. We will need some more guys brought in to our receiving core. I personally don't mind Holmes, Kerley, and Hill. I think Hill will be better in his 2nd year. Vernon reminds me of Jordy Nelson. I think we can always use a guy like that.

Round 6 - Dexter McCoil S - We can always use a huge, free roaming safety, that can lay the wood. McCoil's 4 years have been chuck full of stats. He is an INT machine. His small school status could mean he drops in the draft.

Round 7 - Quinton Patton WR - Camp body...special teams guy... hidden gem? Blah